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spine-rehabilitationYour spine is exposed to a lot of different stresses and strains throughout a normal day, and generally it does what is required of it, but sometimes illness, over-work, or injury can cause problems.

You may not notice at first, and the tendency is often to reach for a pill to control the pain, but with this you are addressing a symptom, and are in no way tackling the actual cause of the issue. The pill can dull the pain and end up masking the problem.

Straighten Out Your Spine


We can help you to get your spine back in shape, to ease the pain, and to increase your ability to get around and live an active life again. No one likes to be house-bound or restricted in their movement, and with the combination of diagnostic tools and therapies that we have on offer this needn’t ever be the case.

We know that you want to be healthier, and that you want to have more control over your life, and we can help you attain that. By working to repair past damage and to establish future good practice we help you to ensure that not only will you feel better as you work through your specially tailored program, but you can be confident that you aren’t going to have relapses that put you back into that painful and restrictive place.