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ergonomic-assessmentsIt is always useful to have as much data as you can about the way in which you are using your body, and how that use is affecting it. There are a number of daily activities that we engage in that can impact on us in ways that we don’t necessarily pay much attention to, but should. By giving you more knowledge about what is happening with your body, we know that we are giving your more control over it.

If you get one of our Ergonomic Assessments you will be able to see how your job and the other things that you do might be causing or exacerbating certain conditions. Once those conditions have been identified and the way in which your regular routine is interacting with them, then a solution can be worked out.

Understand Your Body Better


We have a lot of different technology at our disposal, and procedures like Ergonomic Assessments allow us to better target the therapies which we use. This is great new for you and for us – and it means that you are going to get the optimum from whatever treatment it is decided you should be put on.

If you would like to set up an appointment or have any queries about what is involved in an Ergonomic Assessment, please contact us today.