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stvpt-003Located in the beautiful and dramatic landscapes of Colorado, Strive Physical Therapy is a great place live and a wonderful place to work. The country around here almost requires you to be fit in order to get the most out of it, and a lot of residents and visitors to the area partake of a pretty active lifestyle.

We really enjoy living here In Colorado Springs and being a part of that whole atmosphere, so we understand the demands and needs of the local community, and we provide them with the health-care answers they want.
We are the first port of call for people who are interested in regaining or maintaining their health; it is a position of real responsibility and we take a lot of pride in being able to provide that for our patients.

It is important to us that anyone we work with is on board with our team spirit, our attitude to life, and our desire to help our patients live the healthiest life they can live.

Being part of a great team is an amazing thing; it is something that we really enjoy. Every person that we bring on board adds something to the team that we are building here at Strive PT. Passionate, able, healthy individuals that are interested in helping other people to regain their health and get back to where they were health-wise, before illness or injury impacted on them.

We love what we do, and we do it well. We got involved in Physical Therapy, like a lot of people, because we were interested in getting healthier ourselves. When you discover something that works well and more than delivers on its promises, you want to tell other people about it; you want to share the great thing that you have found which helps you.

We are looking for people who feel the same way about Physical Therapy as we do. So if you are dedicated to Physical Therapy and you love to help people, then we need you on our team.


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